Excellent performance and color saturation. Adopt six nozzles which are bigger in ink point size. Much vividder color and higher saturation. Especially suitable for clothes, whole piece of leather, glass slider door, wooden door fields, textiles and so on.


Print method : Micro Piezo(360nozzles*8lines)
Output size: 1869MM*2500MM
Printer dimension: 3700mm*2900mm*1200mm
Printer Weight 720kg
Nozzle quantity 6 PCS
Maximum thickness of medium: 120mm
Maximum weight of medium: 140KG
Interface : USB2.0/Network
Output resolution: 720dpi*720dpi
Ink tpye: 4 color (C M Y K ) or 6 color(C M Y K Lc Lm)
Ink supplying method: Supply continuously
Input power: AC220V & 110V
Height adjustment: Auto
Windows XP. Windows Vista. Windows2000