The difference of Traditional print processes and Colorful digital printing
For Colorful digital printing:
1. No need film and plate-making. High speed & low cost, available each kind of output softwares, supports any type of file formats.
2. Professional color-management softwares enable the computer to change the color directly at any time without extra cost.
3.Complete once. Fast performance can meet the high demands in making samples even bulk products immediately.
4. Individual start-printing quantity. For the large quantity, the time and efforts saving will be available through the use of template matching methods.
5.Full-color image, complete once. The final performance of the gradient color can be exactly the same as the photos with accurate definition and zero reject rate.
6.Only need 30 minutes to grasp, professional skills are not necessary for making the high-quality products.
7. Computer operation can greatly increase the upgrade space instead of using human resources.
For Traditional printing
1. High cost in film-drying, plate-making and printing procedures.
2. Complicated color adjustment, once version has already fixed.
3. Cumbersome process, a long production cycle.
4. Due to the high cost of plate making, it needs mass production to reduce costs.
5. High reject rates and color discrepancy occurred in frequent overprint.
6. Several years of rich experience for the operator must be absolutely necessary.
7. Need more labor and large proportion of hand-made procedures.